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A blockchain based loyalty coin,
backed by a real business

EatMeCoin – Crowdsale is live!

Crowdsale ends in:

Current progress 1%

Soft cap: 6250 ETH

Hard cap: 20000 ETH

About the EatMeCoin (EAT)

EatMeCoin (EAT) is an innovative blockchain solution for fixing the problems with loyalty programs. We are SIA “Baltic Bites”, the company behind Latvian food ordering portal Ēst – est.lv. We believe the current loyalty programs are outdated for the 21st century. With the EatMeCoin (EAT) we are able to improve our current loyalty program and create benefits for both companies and customers.

Blockchain rewards for customers

  • Customers receive a valuable currency that they can use elsewhere for purchases, or even redeem to fiat currency.
  • Customers become stakeholders in the business if they keep holding loyalty tokens.
  • Customers become ambassadors, as it is in their interest to promote the token creating demand which create value.

Blockchain rewards for companies

  • No fees payable to issue points or other form of loyalty schemes.
  • Joint reward programs with related companies can be launched.
  • Inefficient loyalty program with large unclaimed rewards is avoided.
  • Perceived value of a blockchain currency is higher than loyalty points.
  • Companies can thus issue lower quantity of rewards per order.

Our track record

How our company has grown


Buy EatMeCoins

Investment below 20 ETH: 5000 EAT/ETH

Investment above 20 ETH: 7142 EAT/ETH – Includes a 42.9% bonus

Whale investors only – Invest 20 ETH or more and receive 42.9% bonus!

Latest news


Soft cap: 6250 ETH

Hard cap: 20000 ETH

EatMeCoin - Token allocation


Rick Jacobus de Geest
Rick Jacobus de GeestCo-Founder - CMO
Gerrit Jacobsen
Gerrit JacobsenCo-Founder - CEO
Maris Miglinieks
Maris MiglinieksCrowdsale Consultant
Thijs van Gorp
Thijs van GorpTeam Lead Eindhoven
Jorn Volleberg
Jorn VollebergMarketing Technologist
Joey van Duijnhoven
Joey van DuijnhovenOperations Analyst
Joëll de Groot
Joëll de GrootInvestor Relations


First lunch

The idea is born, start of development

Launch of Ēst - est.lv

Within 8 months, we built the foundation of our service.

First order

Kebab and fries to our own office. Party!

Launch of mobile apps
Conquered Latvia

Revenue grew 21.8% month-on-month

Token launch and crowdsale

EAT private beta testnet launch and launch of the crowdsale.


Upgrading Latvian platform, integration of token


Estonia (pop. 1.3 M) and Lithuania (pop. 2.9M).
Token listing on bigger exchanges.

Further expansion

Belarus (pop 9.5 M), Ukraine (pop. 45 M) and Russia (pop. 144.3 M).


What token is being offered? 2018-03-03T10:41:24+00:00

The token is named EatMeCoin (ticker: EAT) and replaces our current loyalty points. Now, our customers are rewarded with loyalty points for purchases, writing reviews and other activities. Points earned can be used for their next food order. The points are credited to the customer’s account like most traditional loyalty points. We plan to run the loyalty program as a blockchain currency. The EAT token will replace the currently used coins.

What have you achieved? 2018-03-26T11:03:32+00:00

Since we founded Ēst – est.lv in 2016 we have realised 21.8% growth month-to-month. We became the premier Latvian food delivery company within a year and believe that we can do the same in Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. In short, we already showed that we capable of delivering (pun intended) and believe that we can do more.

What is your future vision? 2018-03-03T10:41:56+00:00

We plan to expand our services to Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Secondly, we want to keep developing new features that differentiate us. Our approach to food ordering is that of a social experience. Ordering food is not just pressing some buttons in an app. It is ordering food with someone else, enjoying it together and telling your social circle about it. Our customers will also own fractions of the EAT which means they can feel engaged with us as well.

On which continent is Latvia? 2018-04-16T12:59:11+00:00

We hear that question often. Looking at the big picture, Latvia is a Baltic country in between Russia, Poland and Sweden. It is south of Estonia (birthplace of Skype), and north of Belarus (birthplace of Viber). Famous tech companies with Latvian roots are Bitfury, Mikrotik, Ask.fm and AirDog. Half of Scandinavia has outsourced its IT operations to Latvia such as Atea (ticker: ATEA) and Evolution Gaming (ticker: EVO).

Who are the founders? 2018-03-03T10:43:56+00:00

Gerrit Jacobsen (DE) has been in Latvia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Gerrit has raised several companies such as a telecom provider and an IT development firm. As a CEO with a tech background, he keeps the ship on course. He is a German with a German sense of humour (you can decide for yourself if that’s a good thing). His mother gave him a PC 35 years ago, told him “…go earn some lunch money” and has been programming since.

Rick Jacobus de Geest (NL) has been in Latvia for 5+ years. Rick’s fertile mind as a marketing hustler kickstarted the brand and vision of the company and he currently works with a core team of marketeers to keep spreading the good word to Latvia. His informal ‘Dutch style’ fits perfectly in the startup environment which keeps the employees happy as well. He likes to mingle with all levels of society. This makes him the ideal ‘listener’ for our very versatile group of customers.

What about your team? 2018-03-03T10:44:28+00:00

Our multidisciplinary team is located both in Latvia and the Netherlands. In Riga, Co-founders Gerrit Jacobsen and Rick de Geest lead the project together with our cryptoconsultant Māris Miglinieks. Māris has over 3 years experience in trading cryptocurrencies and education, sharing his knowledge at Krypto Club and in a research project at Riga Graduate School of Law. The other team members reside at the Data Driven Business Lab, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (NL). This team is responsible for the execution and implementation of the crowdsale and the new loyalty program. They represent a mix of junior analysts as well as crypto-traders and enthusiasts.

Who are your investors? 2018-03-26T11:08:11+00:00

Our investors are from the Netherlands. One of them was the head of one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in Latvia and keeps a hawkeye on our figures. He has a group of friends and fellow investors, all are Dutch business owners with a wealth of knowledge. They are active in the sectors of construction, shipbuilding and metalworks.

Where can I find the source code? 2018-05-02T12:49:37+00:00

The source code of the EatMeCoin and the crowdsale contract is available on GitHub.
You can find the EatMeCoin here on Etherscan. The crowdsale contract is here on Etherscan.

Can I see some figures? 2018-04-25T07:03:40+00:00

Est.lv has seen a very stable and satisfying growth of 21.8% percent per month measuring in amount of orders. You can find more detailed information in the whitepaper.

Tell me more about Ēst – est.lv 2018-03-07T18:12:55+00:00

Ēst – est.lv is the Latvian food ordering platform leader, founded in 2016. We follow the businessmodel of market leaders such as Grubhub, Takeaway.com, Just-Eat, Lieferando and others. In
short that means connecting all restaurants to a single platform which allows for convenient food ordering. Having an easy-to-use, secure platform that integrates most of the restaurants offered in a country while providing users a convenient way to navigate overview.

Ēst – est.lv is owned by:
SIA “Baltic Bites”
Reģ. nr. 50203029341
PVN reģ. Nr: LV50203029341
Matīsa iela 61-22,
LV-1009, Latvia

Are you listed on exchanges? 2018-05-02T12:45:04+00:00

We plan to be listed from the 5th of June, when the crowdsale ended.

I still have some questions 2018-03-07T09:27:39+00:00

We’ll get back to you within the day, take your pick:
You’re also welcome to call us or meet with us if you’re around the Baltics someday. Due to all different time zones just schedule your call via email.


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